In order to increase sales and grow your business you need to understand the needs of your target customers. Successful marketing campaigns are focused on the needs of the target customer and communicating the benefits of your product or service over those of the competition. The objective is to influence existing and prospective customers that your product or service is unique and adds value differentiating you from the competition.

A consultative marketing approach will help you to identify your target customers, target industry sectors and meet the needs of the buying centres within those industries. Here are some of the ways that 3sixty Marketing can help you to develop your business and meet your aims and objectives.

  1. Brand Awareness

    Strong brand awareness leads to higher sales and market share. Brand awareness can be achieved through the use of various channels of communication such as advertising, word of mouth, social media, sponsorship, launching events etc. The goal is to create a reliable brand image, slogan and tag-lines that customers become acquainted with and recognise instantly 3Sixty Marketing can help you to create and/or intensify a positive brand image to reflect your organisation’s mission and vision to your customers while creating a brand that is associated with security, convenience and service.

  2. Brand Loyalty

    In today’s competitive market, brands need to maintain continuous meaningful engagement with customers in order to identify their needs and expectations. When the value proposition to the customer is correct, it leads to additional customer engagement, high repeat customer rates and higher profits for brands.

    3Sixty Marketing will work with you to ascertain customer and industry needs and ensure that your offer meets the ideals of your customers. We will also ensure that you keep and/or extend your competitive edge by staying current and responding to customer trends.

  3. Customer Education

    You know your product well. What you need to remember is that some customers know nothing or very little about it. In these instances, customer education is supremely important, and without it a product will fail to live up to its potential. Customer education will provide customers with the information, skills and abilities required to become an informed buyer.

    There are considerable advantages that result from improving customer’s product and service knowledge:

    • Customer enhanced knowledge leads directly to trust in the product or service
    • Better yet, they are more likely to trust the brand as a result of customer education
    • Increases product usage
    • Increases purchases of additional products
    • Upsells to higher tiers
    • Improves customer relations
    • Educates the market

    Customers are looking for genuine insights and in most cases a well-developed customer education strategy can be enough to influence buying decisions.

    As a learning company, 3Sixty Marketing can assist you to develop and implement a customer education strategy that will increase sales and magnify your brand.

  4. Customer Engagement

    Customer engagement is a business communication between a customer and brand (company) through various channels of correspondence.

    A consultative marketing approach (customer engagement) will allow you to identify your target customers, the needs of those customers and the unique needs of the buying centres who make the decision to purchase. The objective is to successfully communicate your value proposition to the market which will meet the needs of your existing and target customers and increase sales and customer base.

    3sixty Marketing are experts in the creation and communication of value propositions. Why not give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation.